Dip Powder is a new trend taking over the nail industry!

Popsicle Professional Nails is bringing this trend to South Africa with the most effective formula that makes you feel and look natural without any damage to your nail bed.


Strong & Durable

Non – Toxic

Odor- Free


Forever Shine


Crack and Chip resistant

Water resistant

Environmental Friendly

Healthy and Strong for natural nails by adding Calcium and Vitamin E


The Dip Powder is a healthier alternative to acrylic giving you the same durability but with a quicker process. It is a faster and easier application process, without the odor!


Dip Powders are more durable than gel polish, giving you the same appearance with a longer lasting formula! Dip Powder can stay on your natural nails for as long as 3 weeks, depending on whether you would like it to grow out that long.


The soak off is quicker than gel polish and does not require any buffing to remove the product, therefore leaving all your nail bed healthy and beautiful. Application time is around the same time as applying gel polish and less than acrylic application.


The reason why Dip Powder is healthier than other nail products is because it does not contain methacrylate in the formula, this substance is known for weakening/softening nail beds! The liquids used in the dip application consists of Cyanoacrylate which is a glue that is formulated not to damage nail beds and rather gives a stickier substance when soaking off so that it can peel off without damaging the nail bed.


Dip Powder has Calcium and Vitamin E which allows your natural nails to get stronger and stay healthy! Please feel free to contact us for any further questions about the product!